Squigglebox was developed to solve a problem.


We love living and working in Tampa, FL.

Squigglebox grew out of a frustration with the improper use of QR codes. Too many times a QR code took us to a website that wasn’t optimized to fit our phones or tablets.
Since almost everyone has a phone, we knew there had to be a way to help businesses build mobile websites quickly and easily and to allow those business to communicate with their customer. Knowing that it is easier to keep a customer loyal than to find a new one, we decided to use the computer everyone has with them 24/7, the phone, to connect a business with their loyal customers.
We’re a small team of developers dedicated to QR code technology. We’re growing and getting better all the time. We hope you like what we do, dealing with real people when you need support and keeping your customers loyal. We certainly do!


Living in Florida we get to enjoy a wide range of activities all year long. The interests of our team range from extreme sports to raising orchids. One weekend we might be at an extreme mudder race and the next attending a youth choir.
While outdoor stuff is fun, it’s made even better because we can include our families. We are a family oriented company and make balancing family and work a reality.

We are active in our churches and community and believing in giving back where we work and live. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with our company and our lives.